Chaos Isle: Inception

We get a lot of questions. What’s your inspiration? Where did the story come from? Why an RPG?


Like most great ideas Chaos Isle was born in a conversation. This particular conversation started in Skyrim, wandered into other RPGs and through a few dozen worlds of our own making. Somewhere along the line up popped the idle query. What if we took one of the hundreds of worlds we’ve created and built stories for and turned it into an RPG?

...Pause for effect...

Which world? None of them. Brand new world for a brand new game! The initial call laid the foundations. Chaos Isle is a world where:

  • Magical creatures, rituals and elements are facts of life;

  • The DemiGod Aurelius, upon whose empire the sun never sets, strives for global dominion, including over our tiny chaos isle;

  • And, on that isle, the would-have-been Fae toil to save this little rock hurtling through space from the chaos within.

For the 2 months after that initial conversation we bashed out details and delved into the mechanics of making a PC/Console game let alone an RPG. Finally we decided it’s in our skill set, or just one step beyond it. Just a lot of hard work required.

Next step? Picking the style of RPG, of course! We love role playing games like Skyrim, Fallout, Zelda BOTW, Witcher, and the like, so we had plenty of inspiration. The whole point being to share the world led us away from a linear story and into an open world.

Decision made. Create an open world action adventure RPG set on a magical chaos Isle. Then we’ve started on everything that needs to be done, but that’s another topic!

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