Want to be a Metamorph?

Ever wanted to be a metamorph like Mystique or Tonks? On Chaos Isle you can! I’d like to introduce you to Doran, the base character of our custom character creator. This demo includes two basic morphs, gender and muscular. You can use multiple morphs, in whole or in part. This is done using blendshapes, just like our previous post about rocks!

Notice the clothing morphs with Doran? Custom auto-fit enchantments, it is a magical isle after all. Actually, we use the same blendshapes with the clothing as the Doran.  As you can imagine crafting all the blendshapes for Doran is lot of work. Thanks to the BDKCreate blendshape transference tool we make one version of each item. Watch the shirt. The tool generates the shirt’s blendshapes based on Doran’s morphs. If that wasn’t fun enough, the tool allows us to use blendshapes from other characters as Doran morphs! We’re really excited about it. Right now we are evaluating a couple hundred options. This tool is considered a first pass tool it speeds up the art pipeline, but doesn't spit out a finished product.  

Like the morph technology? Just think of all the possibilities! We did. Doran is the base character for 99% of the characters on Chaos Isle. This tech combined with the options we’re assessing makes Doran a fully customizable character.

The best thing about the character creator? It isn’t just for us to craft the NPCs. You get to craft your character for the game; you can even gain the Morph ability! How you do you acquire this ability? Well...stay tuned to learn more about morphing and other features.


BDKCreate is an experienced iOS app development studio. They are porting their skills from apps to video games. Chaos Isle is their first full length foray into the PC/Console game field.